Yesterday my friend JN picked me up at Mission Hospital after my week-long stay following surgery to remove all my “lady bits”: abdominal hysterectomy, oophorectomy (isn’t that a delightful word?), and a third label I can’t remember at the moment. On the way home, I was about a minus 17 on the life force index… totally worn out.  Most of JN’s questions I could not answer:  “I don’t  know.” and  “I don’t  know.” and  “I don’t  know.” and eventually  “I don’t  know and I don’t care.”

But this is not really a  blog about cancer. It is instead a story of the wonders that have started unfolding in the last two weeks of dancing with cancer.  Synchronicities, blessings, and magic. Yesterday was the only low day, really.  I feel terrific today.  But I am getting ahead of myself – I will go back to September 24th, the day this all started.