I have been surrounded by mind/body/spirit beautiful people, starting with those in Dr. BL’s office.  R & R at the front desk always emanate such kindness and warmth.  Beautiful faces and beautiful smiles.  LFD, my acupuncturist, too is mind/body/spirit beautiful and so skilled.  Dr. BL is so mind/body/spirit beautiful that I could not tell him about the boo-boo near my tailbone – it just wouldn’t do.  But in the hospital, every new shift the current nurse and/or CNA would drag in the new one and I’d have to roll over and expose the boo-boo.  I got so used to it, it was automatic and I probably came close to flashing maintenance, volunteers, and social workers. No one has seen me naked in 40+ years, and now teams of nurses and CNAs looking at the boo-b00 and teams  of docs looking at an incision 37 staples long is nothing.