Oxycodone is the pain numbing narcotic that folks get into trouble with.  Oxytocin is the stuff of bliss that comes from human touch. (See in praise of casual intimacy that I wrote more than a decade ago.) I can envision a whole new area of medicine that is just about smiling and touch.  My gynecological oncologist surgeon (that is a mouthful, eh?) is Dr Ashley Case – a wonderful warm woman with a team of folks working with her who are all so very dear and they seem to know about the value of touch.  I have had almost no human touch for decades and I am convinced of its healing power.  One night in the hospital when I was dancing with the midnight willies, one of my favorite nurses came in and I asked her to hold my hand. I turned down the oxycodone they offered, but I am willing to beg for the oxytocin.