Someone the other day told me it must have been a hard decision to go only the natural route in healing my cancer.  Actually it was probably the easiest decision I have ever made!  I am astounded that anyone would choose the slash/burn/poison route for cancer.  Okay, I did the slash thing (surgery) but no way will I poison my body with chemotherapy, a method that has not proven itself. (No, really, it has not!)  The more I read about cancer, the more I see stories about folks who have been harmed (sometimes irreparably) by such treatment and the less effective those methods have shown themselves to be. I do want to respect other people’s choices and I do not want to undermine their belief in their choices, and yet I am overwhelmed with the urge to shake them and ask them “What are you, NUTS?!”  I am beginning to consider if my life’s mission is perhaps to help people realize the power of eating whole, organic, local (when possible) foods and the whole gamut of positive self-care choices.  (See my page ‘The Asheville Protocol‘ for my own choices).  And what is good is that I have not always  made those choices in the past (though I knew better) and I can serve as the cautionary tale!

It has been a great source of JOY to learn about natural healing from cancer and to focus only on putting wonderful stuff in my body.  I have developed the habit, for example, of putting turmeric even in my oatmeal- such a beautiful and delicious looking color!  (Alas, it seems oatmeal will have to go, but I am finishing this last box.) And once I get my rebounder, I will re-sculpt my body from the cells on up.  How blessed I am to be dancing with cancer!!