I have always had a bone to pick with the word ‘fight’.  From my perspective, the moment we declare we are in a fight, it gives energy to whomever or whatever we are seeing as our opponent.  Of course they have to ramp up their energy if we are coming at them ready for a fight.  Every politician who says he/she will fight for me, immediately loses my vote.  And as I have already warned, if I die and anyone says I “lost my battle with cancer” I will come back and haunt them.

Fighting is not the way to go through life… it frames the situation in a very unhelpful way.  And I am NOT fighting my cancer.  I plan to love it away.  Already it has brought me many wonderful people and situations and has been the kick in the pants to choose wisely with everything I do and say and feel.  My friend CW speaks of her cancer as “a journey of unconditional love and support, and an incredible awakening!”  YES.  This is a wise woman. When she speaks of her chemo, she says: “Some medical professionals call Ace the “Red Devil”. I refused to let them say that around me, I had them call it my liquid sunshine. The nurses were very supportive of my request and called it my liquid sunshine with a smile every treatment!” And with this attitude, she wowed the doctors with her speedy recovery. CW: “I had enough strength to dance with my IV pole after my last treatment!”  CW, I salute you!