Hi there Body! I have been meaning to thank you for serving me so well for 64 years now.  (Who, me?  64??) Anyway, I have been meaning also to apologize to you for not treating you with sufficient respect.  Sodas, fast foods.  But that is behind me now.  At least I never smoked, and I only drink coffee and alcohol maybe a couple of times a year.

But it seems you and I have manifested something they call cancer.  I think we can do better than that, don’t you?  The cancer has served its purpose and brought our attention front and center to taking care of ourselves in mind, body, and spirit.  So many things have opened up for us as a result of this dance with cancer, it is really wonderful!! Every aspect of our lives has changed for the better. So let’s agree that we can thank the cancer and send it on its way as it is no longer needed.  Let’s not fight it, or hate it, or fear it.  Let’s give it a great big hug and say sayonara,  auf wiedersehen, adios, and toodle-oo. Deal?