Yesterday I went to W–m–t (the store that shall not be named) and had such fun!  I bought myself all kinds of little stocking stuffers…  a spoon rest for the kitchen and hot dish mats (all lost in recent moves) and a lovely mug (I had given all mine away) and a clock (the only one I had is in tiny print in the corner of my screen) and a timer so I can time myself on my gorgeous new rebounder (for healing) and catsup/ketchup (going to make shrimp cocktail – my appetite is back!)  and printer paper and a container for organizing stuff and a plastic container for heating up sesame oil before my morning self massage (for healing).  Little things, inexpensive things, and such a delight.

I was in W–m–t so long, when I came out I could not quite find my car.  Embarrassed, I looked around the parking lot, trying not to look like a dingbat who had misplaced her car. Wishing to find it, all of a sudden a car alarm went off and I swiveled my head – that alarm was right next to my car.  THANKS God/Goddess/Universe!  And just now I was wishing I had Christmas stamps for a couple of Christmas cards, and THERE THEY WERE, inches from my hand!  I had no idea I even had Christmas stamps..I wonder how old they are?

I love it when the Universe is playing with me, tickling my funny bone.