I am not sure how many children say “I want to be a change agent when I grow up!”  I don’t know that I did, but now… I wanna.

When a friend sometime in this last year posted a message on Facebook about supporting Breast Cancer, I fired back a message saying no way would I support the cancer industry.  Then I got cancer.  No complaints here, though – it offered me an opportunity to shoot off my mouth from a whole new perspective, one that proves I really do walk my talk.  The biggest challenge now is – how much to talk?  My friend Linda McLean cautioned that I take it a bit easy on my anti-slash/burn/poison campaign.  She said:

Another thought:  there is potentially a big difference between sharing your own personal journey as you walk it, which allows you to be a relatable role model for others, and being so critical of the system that most people are facing that they become overwhelmed and can’t relate to what you are saying.

Your immense internal knowing of what YOU need to do is a real gift that most people do not have (not yet in our state of evolution, anyway), and your enthusiasm for sharing what you’re learning is also a gift.  It may require you to be more open and vulnerable than you might like to be, though there are gifts in that, too.

I’m thinking from a bridge-builder’s perspective here, hoping it helps as you find your best and deepest voice in this great gift you’re offering. 

I’m over-the-moon with what’s happening in your life, Jules.  Every time I think about you, I find myself smiling.

I do hear what she is saying, and I don’t disagree.  When I am ranting and raving, I do realize folks can shut down.  But I so want to wake people up from mindlessly becoming part of the cancer machine.

And in a broader sense, I would like to wake people up from mindlessly taking drugs for any condition, all of which do harm.  This is made clear with every single drug:  have you not heard the commercials where the list of warnings is as long as the commercial itself?  And typically the side effects sound worse than the condition the drug is trying to fix! Why are people so blind as to buy into this system!!? Got a health problem?  Let’s find you a drug.  Does something natural help?  Let’s find the ‘active ingredient’ in it, yank it out from its natural surroundings and shove it into you, minus its carefully balanced surroundings. (And in the meantime, create something we can patent. $$$) Speaking of creating, I’d like to ask Big Pharma if it really thinks it can do better than the Creator at making substances to help people heal?

Now full disclosure, I am on drugs for hypertension.  BUT I am working with my doctor to heal the hypertension without drugs, and we are moving bit by bit in that direction.  Now that I mention my doctor, please know that all of the opinions here are mine, not his.  He may agree, he may not. What he does know is that illness involves the whole person and treatment involves the whole person. Thank God for doctors like him!