I have been full of myself since cancer appeared on the scene.  I was so proud of the fact that I decided to heal naturally with nutrition, meditation, rebounding, etc. I was judgemental of folks who mindlessly chose the slash/burn/poison route.  I am still very very comfortable with my choice. For me, I so resonate with the natural route that it was never actually a decision, which implies slash/burn/poison was ever in the running; it was more “Oh, of course this is what I will do!”.  But as I looked around at sites like ihadcancer and similar ones where folks going through it can connect, I realized how very very fortunate I am to be 64 and have ovarian cancer.  I don’t need anything they removed.  Never did, actually. I still have my lungs and my colon and my pancreas and all the bits you need for daily living, and they all seem to be in good working order.  What a good thing!  I never felt pain and I feel terrific now.  The cancer is barely a blip on my radar screen.