I got the idea to do a blog while I was still in the hospital, longing for a laptop so I could get it ‘on paper’ while it was still fresh.  Friends were checking in so regularly I thought it would be a good way to keep everyone informed at once. When I realized I was surrounded by blessing after blessing in the hospital, it occurred to me that being showered by blessings while still in the hospital after major surgery might not be the most common experience, and I really wanted to shout it out.  Being terrified of cancer doesn’t – wait, let me re-phrase that.  LETTING GO of the terror can help heal from cancer.  I have chosen to make cancer my friend, to welcome its gifts, thus encouraging it to say “Well, my job here is done” and take off.

I sometimes wish ONLY strangers were reading this.  Then I could really be totally TOTALLY open. Now I am not so sure how much I am holding back.  The blog is excellent therapy for me and some friends pitch in with their reactions.  A dear friend, a very treasured friend (DR), emailed me this morning in response to my last post “FULL OF MYSELF” and asked “Who better to be full of?” I laughed but then realized that I am claiming myself in the process of healing.  I am claiming my power and my authority and my internal wisdom.  “Yaho yahey!” as DR  would say. I am indeed full of mySelf and proud of it!