They say the sun has flipped upside down while reversing magnetic poles.  Really.  This happened very recently, during Solar Cycle 24, and it is a Really Big Deal.  See NASA’s website.

I figured something really big happened, because on Sunday I found myself with a scarf wrapped low on my hips, belly dancing!!  No, I am not kidding.  And I loved it!  Mind you I am pretty inept at the moment and not even sure if I will ever be ‘ept’, but it was great fun and so unlike me.  Or perhaps exactly like the new me, my ‘new normal’.  The belly dancing class put on by the wonderful new non-profit (or soon to finish the 501(c)3 process) Journey to be Free Naturally. I actually wrote an article about it on the stands now: The Answer to Cancer? So I guess you will find me every Sunday at 5:30 working on moving various body parts (while holding other body parts still.)  Tricky. I think I will start with snake arms…

Lots of  ‘new normals’ on the scene and all great fun.  Well, all positive, anyway.  As I sit here I am in minute 14 of  ‘oil pulling‘.  Ever heard of it? I only stumbled on the idea in the last few months and this morning is my first day of trying it.  …. Okay it is later and I have done it.  I put a glob of coconut oil in my mouth and swished it around for 20 minutes.  It was not bad at all and now afterwards I feel my body thanking me.  You are supposed to do it first thing in the morning, then spit it out outside or in the trash or something as it is chock full of toxins.  Click on the link oil pulling to read more about it.   Next habit to develop is the neti pot.

Yes, I do believe the sun must have flipped upside down!