… with my body!  I had broccoli and spinach for breakfast.  After my morning  lemon water, of course. My little fridge is full of healthy stuff, and I am actually eating it rather than turning into a science experiment.  My integrative medicine doctor could poke his nose in for a pop inspection, and I would pass with flying colors.  The last time I wanted to slather mayonnaise on a sandwich, I decided I didn’t really want it.  (And I am now using a very healthy organic mayo.)

I decided to focus on the good stuff I wanted to add to my diet, not the bad stuff I wanted to take away.  And that is working for me!  I am putting turmeric in just about everything as that is a Big Time anti-cancer agent.  I even sprinkle it on my ice cream…. (Just kidding.  No ice cream, no sugar.)

And I love love love roasted cauliflower.  I have fresh parsley and fresh cilantro in the fridge ready to add to a green smoothie or a meal.

I finally don’t miss meat. I am not a vegetarian (yet?) but I am happy with a veggie meal.

Now about an ACTUAL love affair…