Thursday was the first day of my Livestrong at the Y program for folks with cancer. Well, it was actually the day my group got tested for upper and lower body strength, reach, how-long-we-can-stand-on-one-foot, and the testing started with how many laps we could walk in 6 minutes, checking our pulse at the beginning and at the end.  I volunteered to be in the first group… we went four at a time.  3 minutes into it, I went splat! on the floor. Hard. They stopped the whole test and came running over to check on me.  They insisted I stay down for a bit.  I determined that nothing was broken, and nothing really even bent.  I do have a bump on my arm, but otherwise unbruised, unembarrassed… and unfazed.  Falls are funny things though, aren’t they?  I wish I had it on tape so I could get a better idea what actually happened.  I was trying to keep up with the other folks in the group and I guess my four-wheeled walker got away from me. Not sure if I got dizzy – it all happened so fast.

Anyway, I am taking a tai chi class tmw (or taijiquan is the spelling they use) put on by Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville.  I may fall flat on my face like I did at the Y, but I am going to do it anyway. So there.