I saw my oncologist this morning as I promised and asked her the four questions Dr. BL wanted me to ask her,  and I asked her to write down the answers:

 Do we know for sure what kind of cancer this was?
(1) Cancer is IIIA endometrial ovarian cancer (Stages III and IV are “advanced” she said)
Do we know how this type of cancer responds to different therapies?
(2) Generally Chemo therapy (Taxol/Carbo) recommended.  EVEN WITH CHEMOTHERAPY CURE RATE LOW (30%)*.  Generally uncurable without chemo.
Do we need to follow for possible recurrence, and how do we do this?
(3) Yes, physical exams, tumor markers.  We discussed CT but since Julie has declined treatment at any point not sure useful.
Are there adjunctive therapies if chemotherapy is necessary?
(4) Chemo or possible hormone treatment is best studied in these tumors.  No need for radiation.
They did the CA125 test for ovarian cancer and I will get the results today or tmw.
Internal exam looked good. Wound looked good.  She felt my belly and no signs of ascites.
*If the cure rate with chemo is that low, for me that reinforces my decision not to do it.
BTW I am going to interview her Wednesday morning for a profile for WNC WOMAN.  First time I will have talked with her with my underpants on!