I have noticed an interesting pattern with this blog… I do 2 or 3 posts in quick succession, and then nothing for a week or so.  

Well, more magic is happening, so another post.  Another donation this morning on my gofundme page, always so very appreciated and needed, and a nice chunk of cash from a writer friend came yesterday, another check coming today from a lovely woman I hardly know probably this afternoon, and another lovely woman I have not seen in years emailed to say she’d donate some acupuncture or massage.  One of my medical creditors called today and said they’d be happy if I could pay as little as $5/month! All this in 24 hours and the day has barely begun!  I feel like this is a magic day. And tomorrow I will be having lunch with my dear friend PF – always such fun.  Hot diggity! Oh and I feel great.

I may be overusing the words “magic” and “blessings” recently, but how lovely to be leading a life that requires me to do so!  Magic Magic Magic Blessings Blessings Blessings

Okay, maybe I am overdoing “lovely” – but they are!