hairforwebSo much change since September – all for the better! Now to change the outer me.  I came across this site – Dressing Your Truth and was totally inspired.  And then there was my cousin Katherine chewing me out for wearing my winter uniform to lunch at Mellow Mushroom… sort of a sweatshirt thing.  Well, I still don’t think it was inappropriate in downtown Asheville BUT it is time to find some clothes that look good on me and allow me to “dress my truth”.  Look at the before and afters on that link!  I wanna be an AFTER. And I don’t have to wait to finish losing weight to do it.

I have an appointment to get a haircut on the 28th… and I want to go back to this style!  Right now all the curl has fallen out of my hair and it looks awful. I am hoping a haircut will help.

I also am really jonesing for some jewelry and I like what they have at Ten Thousand Villages and I like supporting the folks who are creating it (and I love the price!)

I haven’t worn make-up in years and Kath has inspired that too. Gonna go buy some when my next client appears and a bit of jewelry and will haunt goodwill… Y’all may not even recognize me the next time you see me!  And I have only owned two pairs of shoes in the last 10 years or so… one pair of sandals and one clunky lace-up pair. Maybe it is time for a third pair…