I am halfway through a 21-day cleanse.   No meat, dairy, bread, sugar, recreational drugs, alcohol, etc. I have been feeding myself fresh organic veggies, green smoothies, etc.   Every morning starts with hot water and lemon like my grandmother used to do. I am snacking on almonds and loving them. Green tea, tulsi tea and dandelion root tea during the day…

I am very curious what my post-cleanse weight will be. Surely I will step off the scales wearing a big smile. I am imagining all my little worker bee cells are busy with tiny brooms, sweeping up debris from years of not-the-best food and drink, and looking for all the exits. In the meantime, any remaining cancer cells (if there are any) are screaming and crying and gnashing their teeth.  “Feed us crap!  PLEASE feed us crap!  We’re dying here!!  SUGAR!  We want sugar!  We want sugar! Give us meat!  Give us wheat!” No wonder I can’t sleep with all that racket going on in my body…

I am worshipping at the altar of my Vitamix (vitamix.com) and rediscovering my love of cooking.  Ellen has provided many recipes to get us safely through these three weeks.

We are a group of 32 people, sometimes hanging onto each other for dear life as we ride the waves of our addictions dying off one by one.  21 days of letting go, of forging new habits, of loving our bodies more than we do our cravings. Ellen Kittredge is our ringleader, our nursemaid, our taskmaster, and our inspiration.  She gentles us along with encouragement and advice and confidence in our ability to make these changes.

My guess is that I will do this every spring from now on… and that my regular diet will be very close to this.  I have always thought that if you fill yourself with enough GOOD food, your body will begin to crave it.

I have so much appreciation for Ellen’s vast knowledge and gentle heart, and for Dr. Lewis and Dr. Krisel (with their passion for the well-being of their patients) for sponsoring this cleanse, and for my fellow cleansers and their courage to keep their heads down and keep moving forward through terrain which, for the most of us, is foreign soil. And bless the cancer for forcing me down this path.

“Damn the [cancer cells] – full speed ahead!!”