oldyoungI suppose most of you know this image – look at it one way and it is an old woman – look at it another way and it is a girl. It all depends on how you look at it, right?

Right now I am out of work, out of money, and homeless. Oh yes, and I have cancer. But if I refocus, if I squint a bit and maybe tilt my head, these are the best days of my life!

I am so happy to be back in Asheville, right in the thick of things. It is so quick and easy to get wherever I want to go, and I have started going places!  Yes, Julie Parker is making the scene.  I am meeting new people and seeing people I had not seen in years. One person I ran into actually thought I was dead!  She had heard about the cancer and I had been ‘underground’ for so long, she actually thought I was pushing up daisies. At a gathering here where I am staying, TWO women in the course of the evening actually said “Oh, YOU’RE Julie Parker!”

There have many things about my life that needed to change and having no work/money/home is forcing them on me. Yes, necessity is the mother of reinvention!