“When your life falls apart, you can either grow or you can grow a tumor. I decided that instead of allowing my body to continue to manifest my stressors physically, it was time to finally wake up and do whatever it would take to finally get healthy, inside and out.”  Lissa Rankin

There are two women who are my sheroes:  Lissa Rankin and Kris Carr. Kris you can find on crazysexylife.com and kriscarr.com and Lissa at mindovermedicinebook.com and lisarankin.com. They are both about – well, let me think what they are about – taking their health in their own hands. Christiane Northrup says of Lissa Rankin: “Dr. Rankin represents the best of the new generation of young women who are honoring the feminine, embracing our female bodies, and doing so with humor, pleasure, honesty, and a sense of fun.” By the way, Lissa has a fun book called What’s Up Down There?  Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist if She Were Your Best Friend.

Christiane’s quote above about Lissa Rankin could apply as well to Kris Carr. Kris was an actress who got cancer and Lissa a doctor who had a pile of illnesses/conditions and an even bigger pile of medications, until they both decided ENOUGH! and turned their lives around, and now are helping other folks take charge and turn themselves around.  Well, I am busy turning myself around, taking charge of my own healing.

I think you would enjoy their sites but you might want to wait until you have a bit of time to enjoy them.

Kris has a 40 Day Whole Health Challenge program – the quote above is from that. I am about to dig into it, to see what it is all about.  I successfully finished a 21-day cleanse last week and now my doctor wants me totally off all grains for 2 months to see how I feel.  I have a new Ayurvedic practitioner  – Vishnu Dass – who gave me the sternest lecture yet about getting 100% off ALL forms of sugar. Not that my primary care doctor (PCD) did not make that clear, not that my own reading did not make that clear. I am being challenged right and left, it seems, to step up to the plate and JUST DO IT.

My PCD was telling me on Monday details about how the food industry has so carefully tailored foods for addiction with the perfect balance of fat, salt, and sugar. He said for example, with Doritos, you have to lick your fingers and that gives you yet another ‘hit’ making you want more.  Cheetos too, I guess, even more so. “It’s not a fair  fight!”  he was saying, when we think it is just a failure of our willpower but we are up against huge marketing departments of mega-corporations.  That is why it is best to just go completely off processed food.

I have wandered a bit off of the initial concept of growing our tumors. My life fell apart and I grew a tumor. From the beginning I have suspected a strong connection there.  Also she writes of the ‘pay-off’ of illness in getting attention.  Hmm.  Is my ovarian cancer an attention-seeking behavior?? Well, I don’t think it was pre-meditated, I really don’t, but I admit it has been glorious!  Friends, family, nurses, doctors… I had so little contact with people in these last few years and I loved LOVED being in closer contact with folks when the cancer arrived on the scene.  But no, I don’t think my head had that in mind when it started growing cancer, but I bet my heart did…