I have had a major problem with claiming disability. When I see people with no arms or no legs who have accommodated  so beautifully, who hardly see themselves as disabled, I just feel paralyzed (oh – what an ironic choice of words) about moving to claim disability for myself.

Well, my cousin K  laid down the law last week and made me PROMISE to go for MEDICAID on the basis of disability.  So I did.  BUT there was a nifty out…. your disability could be a physical or mental disability -OR- I could have a medical condition that  could result in death.  AHA!  I chose that one, with no hesitation.  Gleefully, almost.

My application is now filed, I have Kathy-the-caseworker, and I am sitting back waiting for MEDICAID and FOOD STAMPS to come through.  They have 90 days to do it, but Kathy was very helpful and friendly and I get the impression she will do everything she can to speed it through.  And the kicker?  I didn’t even have to claim disability – she saw the marker and checked the disability box herself!