But not very much cake.  I was excited when they told me I’d be getting foodstamps so when I went grocery shopping this morning  thinking I might get around $150/month, which is what a friend is getting whose income is near mine, I bought one or two things that were not strictly necessary (okay, I guess the Thai flavored potato chips were not STRICTLY necessary, but I have been SO GOOD with my eating) .  My caseworker called me today and told me my total:  (are you ready?) $15.00/month.  OOPS.  And the first month is $11.00 since it wasn’t a full month.  Ah well, it is $11.00 more than I had.  And cancercare.org will likely be sending me $150.00 to cover gas going to and from doctors’ appointments.  So that is good. And I am really wanting to work with…well I won’t say who, doing what, but I will once the support comes through.  Good things are happening, even if they are sometimes only $15.00 at a time.