Logo_MainA small part of me says to keep this under my hat… but only a very teeny tiny part. The rest of me says SHARE THE PLAN.  So here it is:  I am going to write and publish a book. I have already been writing a book that has the same title as this blog… now I have decided to publish it myself.  I will use Balboa Press, the self-publishing division of Hay House. I prefer self-publishing because I want to design the cover and the interior myself.

Hay  House picks up about 4 books a year from Balboa, typically,  and publishes them themselves and that may happen, but I am not attached.  I will just see what unfolds.

Being a SELF publishing place, that means you gotta pay and the minimum amount (plenty for me) is the embark package at $999 and I will gather that because this book is meant to be.  So be it!