bizcardFunny thing, I have been out of business cards for my BUSINESS (web design) for quite a while now, but last week I created business cards for The Vocabulary of Joy which isn’t even a business! It has become my passion, though, my raison d’etre, at least in this part of my life. I so want to help people move away from fear about cancer, to understand there is so much we can do to heal. The media play(s?) up cancer as being so awful, so deadly, it has become the “Disease that must not be named”, hence “The Big C”. There is so much emphasis on early detection which I feel just engenders fear. OMG do I have cancer yet in this body part, or that one?  Or maybe the other one?? And if  they find something, QUICK! Call in Big Pharma! SLASH /BURN /POISON – QUICK! The perspective of the body being a helpless victim and the only thing to do is pull out the Big Guns… is, in my opinion, nonsense. We need to remember that “Your body is amazing. No matter what you are doing now or what you have done in the past, your body is constantly working to balance and heal.” Give it a chance, please. Nurture it, love it, don’t fear it. Sit it down and have a talk with it, and figure out together how to come back into balance.  Try asking what it needs to heal. The good news is that there is more and more emphasis these days on healthy eating, healthy living. I want to encourage people to realize that cancer can – dare  I say it ?- be our friend. It is a wake up call; it need not be a death sentence. In my observation, the worst part of cancer is the barbaric treatment pushed by Big Cancer and Big Pharma. Good grief, do some research – look around.  There is so much out there you can do for yourself to bring your body back into balance. The ‘fear itself’ quote is from FDR’s inaugural address: So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Do not let fear paralyze you into not having a talk with your own body, your own intuition, your own intellect, and your own research. Start with the books Radical Remission and Mind Over Medicine My new ‘business’ card speaks to me of seeing the big picture, of having expanded vision of the way life works, the way the body works. While we are daring to look beyond the societal-engineered fears, we see we are standing on a field of soft, golden clouds, taking in a sky full of stars. Know that the Universe has our back. So how am I leaping in with both feet?  Well, I am putting all of my eggs in the healing-cancer-naturally basket. There is SO much weight in the pharmaceutical basket, a massive industry that wants to keep raking in the big bucks. We are David and Goliath, yes?  I am but a pipsqueak, tiny and insignificant and going very much against prevailing understanding about cancer, so  I need to squeak as loudly as I can.  I will probably be long dead before it is finally understood that healing is not about fearing and hating and killing. But you know what  I see – the whole world is moving slowly away from fearing and hating and killing, be it tumors or people. Now say it with me:  “My body is amazing. No matter what I am doing now or what I have done in the past, my body is constantly working to balance and heal.” Say it when you wake up, say it before you fall asleep. Throw your head back and raise your arms in a V for Victory and shout it out loud. Whether you have cancer or not, it is a good thing to acknowledge and to let your body know that  you know the truth, the ultimate truth, about your health.

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